Sunday, March 23, 2014

Wow chuch service seems to drag by at a snails pace when you are in a hurry to get home to watch the Kansas Jayhawks play their next game.

Friday, March 21, 2014

SOL Day 21 Random Thought

Spring Break reading for my adult self
Dr. Sleep and SK causing insomnia
or is it the stress?
wanting a new house, owe too much
upside down.
overcoming addictions
2nd grade teacher my kids school kills gf and self
close to home
this is the splatter of life
fishing, calmness, small town living
feeling ok
really getting to know and care for and love your students
can males teachers do this without fear
taking time to stop & reflect and think about life means slowing down
slowing down, slowing down.
Testing today does not allow this
daughter feeling stress with homework over spring break,
super admitted it's a game he doesn't like, but has to play
so is he admitting kids best interests being pushed aside
find the happy medium?
laughing is angelic, small things are superb
zooming in to the heart of the matter,
looking at every minute details, taking in the splatter of life.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Slice of Life Day 3

I was reviewing my notes from my reading groups this morning to send out my weekly reports to classroom teachers and  became quiet concerned about the number of errors students are making on High Frequency words. The totality of words they do not seem to know when reading aloud in the mist of a sentence or paragraph is astounding. They can often reread the word correctly if I tap on it or ask them to reread the whole sentence. When rereading the whole sentence they do not appear to even notice that they made the error before. A majority will read the word correctly in isolation. This I feel could be caused by teaching so many words using flashcards or as spelling words in isolation. Kids need to be immersed in real reading more, and errors need to be correctly instantly whenever possible. Also kids need to be held accountable for listening to their reading. They have to be actively aware of what they are saying and be able to notice and self correct errors. I wonder how much of this problem is caused by the erosion of correct grammar, and use of different types of slangs, and specialty language. Oral language has always been slightly different from written, but with the use of social media and texting correct grammar and the structure has been lost. Students have to be able to read with accuracy, academic language texts especially with the implementation of the Common Core. The strategy of listening for the correct structure of language is being eroded when kids are not held accountable with what some call the small errors that do not effect comprehension, or that some feel are not that significant. They are left to grow bigger if never corrected and become a habit. Kids do notice them on some level and have to work twice as hard when trying to comprehend the text when these are left uncorrected(unless it has become a habit). The structure of language does matter.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Slice of Life
I am thinking I will have to start wearing some kind of body armor when driving with the family now. They have discovered the joys of Slug Bugging, and Cruiser Bruisering when spotting a VW Beetle or PT Cruiser. It has gotten very violent. Once in a while my youngest will end up in tears because her older sister hits to hard. Although I suspect she could handle it when she wants to.  If you are not familiar with this childhood ritual which sometimes follows you into adulthood, it is wear you lightly tap anyone within reach when spotting the above mentioned vehicles saying "Slug Bug Black No Bug Back" or "Cruiser Bruiser Red No Bruiser Back" before anyone else smacks you. It gets very intense when you trying to drive and avoid being hit and hit everyone else.  I tried stay out of this drama, but you can easily be sucked in. I guess the competitive spirit in me was just to much to resist, bruises or not. A little Family competition is always fun!